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On-Line ETSY Shop
Selected Fine Consignments

The internet makes it possible for me to sell on line. I currently sell on ETSY.

Visit my ETSY shop by clicking on this link.

I post additional items most every day, so I hope you will check often.


I will send you a Constant Contact email from time to time (not too often) to let you know if there is something new on line, like a SALE, if your email address is on my list. Please go to my Contact page to sign up, if you are not already on my list.


In addition to on-line sales, I'll send invitations to public and private sales and other events I think you'll enjoy.


Often consigning is the best solution when you need to downsize. I will accept consignments which I feel will fit with other merchandise in a currently planned sale where the primary client is willing to accept additional merchandise brought in.


I have multiple consignment marketing options depending on the merchandise, ranging  from my showcases and floorspace  at Forestwood Mall to high-end and estate auctions,  to auction houses that handle various types and levels  of goods, and of course, certain on-line  sales options.


All agreements to accept consignments 

assume the merchandise is of a type and quality I believe I can sell, and that I have space in an appropriate venue available.


Since a part of my job is to know or find out the current value of your items, you may be confident I will understand what we are selling when I price it for sale.  If I do not know enough about an item, I will  consult an expert at my cost to get  a proper price. And neither I nor anyone I use to assist me with pricing may purchase any of your items until the sale ends or you offer to sell to us.


I accept payment by credit card, check and cash to ensure the most and largest  purchases by making it easy for our customers.





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